Therapy Dog

Lola is Nikao’s resident therapy dog and she comes to the office most days. You will most likely see her trotting down the hall or into our waiting room, and even popping her head into someone’s office to say hi!

Lola comes to Nikao because studies show that animals can have a calming effect on people of all ages. They can often help with emotional regulation and provide a sense of security. Lola is a very calm, gentle Labrador retriever, who is just as content lying on the floor by your feet as she is sitting on the sofa with you, sometimes she will even lay across your lap and sleep.  Lola seems to be quite intuitive to people and for someone who isn’t very dog friendly, Lola knows to lie on her bed and not be a distraction or stressor to our clients. For those clients who are dog friendly, Lola will want to be close to them, which often offers comfort to our clients and a consistency to the sessions.

Lola loves when people bring her treats! Her birthday is on April 10th. She is our Director Liz Casteel’s dog. Lola loves going on runs, standing in the kitchen waiting for food to fall on the floor, car rides, peanut butter, swimming in the pool, chasing rabbits, and taking long naps.

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