Lily Otto

Practicum Intern

Lily is a practicum counseling student at Dallas Theological Seminary. When she discovered her passion for counseling she completed her undergraduate degree in Child and Family Studies at Baylor University.

Lily has worked in various student ministry settings throughout college and beyond. She has served as a mentor to adolescent girls, was the chaplain of an organization at Baylor, and was a client advocate at a crisis pregnancy center in Dallas. She also served on a church staff working with middle and high school aged students. Throughout Lily’s experience in mentoring and discipling young girls, she has enjoyed coaching them with tools to navigate the pressures that come with living in a culture focused on outward appearance, performance and success.

Lily’s areas of expertise are:

  • Anxiety and depression struggles
  • Relationship struggles: teen/parent conflict, friendship or dating issues, etc.
  • Disordered eating/body image issues
  • Self harm
  • Low self-esteem
  • Trauma experiences
  • Sexuality issues

Lily feels honored to help others see the importance of living from value, rather than for value; because, when we understand where our worth comes from, we stop having to prove it.

As a counselor, there is nothing else Lily would rather do than help young people understand their value and purpose. She is passionate about fostering vulnerability and authenticity with those she meets. She desires to create a safe place of acceptance for adolescents knowing there is no place for judgment when working with those who are hurting. There is not an issue Lily is not willing to help a client work through.

Lily is from Austin, Texas and grew up on lots of land where she could see the Texas sunset each night. For fun, she loves to do just about anything. She is a huge nature girl and enjoys the outdoors. She likes to sing and play piano, cook, watch movies, two-step, and live each day to its fullest, as they go by very fast.

Lily is under the supervision of Liz Casteel, M.A., LPC-S, Doctoral candidate.