Welcome to Nikaō Counseling Center

Nikaō is a Greek word meaning “to have victory over,” “to conquer,” or “to overcome.” As counselors at Nikaō, this word encompasses our hopes, goals, and prayers for people with whom we get to meet. We are passionate about authenticity, building trust and helping people find a safe community. We desire to extend grace to those who feel shame, to offer guidance to those who feel overwhelmed, to expose truth to those who only feel confusion and to bring light to those who only see darkness.

We believe that it is through brokenness that we build character, confidence and become stronger than ever before. We also believe that our Heavenly Father is the Ultimate Healer, and He often uses others to help hurting people. We strive to be counselors who are genuinely led and empowered by God in helping other people.

We cannot go through life without facing trials, whether it’s wrestling with addictions, insecurities, failures, shame, guilt, identity confusion or relationship challenges. Did you know that if a clay pot is broken and the pieces are carefully glued back together, that the pot is actually stronger than before it was ever broken in the first place? In addition, if the pot was a valuable piece of art before it was broken, the artist will often meticulously glue it back together using a glue that has tiny slivers of gold in it. The Japanese word for this is “kintsukuroi” and it is the belief that the broken pot, now repaired, is more valuable and stronger than before ever being broken. Like so many of us, we have experienced brokenness, for some a complete shattering and others just a few pieces were broken. This process, that can initially seem so despairing, can actually be what teaches us resilience and ultimately make us stronger and remind us of our value as a child of God. This is also the journey of counseling – to help others understand why and how their clay pot was broken and to learn healthy ways to put it back together and to prevent it from happening again.

While Nikaō counselors are all Christ followers, people who come to Nikaō for counseling do not have to be. We will not integrate faith or spirituality into sessions unless that is a desire of the client. For those who are Christ followers, we want you to know that we strive to know Christ, trust Him and glorify Him in all we do. This is reflected in our dependence through prayer, our integrity, our unconditional acceptance and regard for our clients and our enthusiasm for walking alongside people with whom we meet.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Nikaō. Let us know how we can walk alongside you as you lean in and press on.

“The enemy will say I have overcome him. But, you Oh Lord are faithful, and You have been good to me.” (from Psalm 13:4-6)